Times and Prices

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday:
10AM to 10PM

Friday: 10AM to 2 PM

Every two hours, on the hour, beginning one hour after Sabbath ends, until midnight.

Escape The Nazir

With Nazir

6 to 12 participants – 90 NIS per person

Without the Nazir

4-5 people – 80 NIS per person


The Kabblist's Secret

2 People –  190 NIS

3 People –  270 NIS

4 people –  320 NIS

5 People –  380 NIS

6 People –  420 NIS 


Discounts &  Private Sessions

We give discounts to large groups, soldiers, and Bnot Sherut Leumi

To reserve a private session, a session for a special occasion (like a birthday or anniversary), or a session at a time not listed please contact us via email: info@jpq.co.il.

From Sunday to Thursday

(except Holidays & Summer season, i.e., July & August),

there is a
NIS 30 DISCOUNT Per Person
from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM (for both rooms)

upon request  – CODE “30DAYJPQ”